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Workshops and Teaching

Laura is now available for workshops, classes, choreography, master classes and one on ones! 

Bookings can either be in person or via Zoom depending on comfortability. And yes, masks will be worn in person! 

Book Laura for:

  • Teaching musical theatre style (contemporary and classic), jazz and hip hop dance classes.

  • A Chorus Line original choreography masterclasses. (Taught by Baayork Lee)

  • Choreographing personal dances for college pre-screening and auditions. I will always make sure YOUR individual beautiful light shines through!

  • ​Talking about my choreography company Cut Dancers of NY and/or teach choreography from one of my videos.

  • Staying positive and confident moving to NYC and having me as a contact. 

  • Master classes in how to get an agent and nail that audition. 

  • Mock dance audition classes


"We have had the privilege of working with Laura as a guest artist on several occasions.  In my musical theatre class, she shared freely of her experiences, knowledge, and expertise.  She worked one-on-one with students with a master class style approach, offering clear coaching and direction but also engaging in conversation with them in a way that made them feel professional and respected. She was incredibly warm, energetic, and passionate. It has been such a delight to work with a professional with such talent, passion, and authenticity. My students and I were in awe of her abilities but really appreciated how open and down to earth she was.  I would highly recommend her as a guest artist. She will not disappoint!"

- Christina Kemmerer. Upper School Theatre Director at The St. Paul's Schools 

Let's do it! Contact me!

Please email me at with any questions or bookings!!

Rates will be negotiated through email. 

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