Cut Dancers of NY

This choreography project was created to inspire talented and driven artists everywhere to keep moving and to never give up.


Talented people get cut from auditions all the time. It happens. It does not mean that you are any less talented, beautiful, important and worthy of the career you dream of for yourself.


After seeing myself and many friends get beaten down while going to audition, after audition, after audition, after audition...I thought I should create another outlet to let performers keep dancing no matter what. 

There can be such a positive light to shine over this difficult (but rewarding) lifestyle. I want to shine a light on the 'failures' on their way to become successes. Every rejection is paving the way to another opportunity. You will get there. I believe in you....just. keep. dancing. singing. acting. writing. painting...etc. 
Never forget....You are beautiful. You are valued. You are loved.

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